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When one looks up the definition of Compañero, it sounds like a simple gesture.  One that sounds polite and noble and a fond way of calling someone a friend, a companion, or a comrade.  It is only when one witnesses an individual demonstrate what a compañero truly means do you begin to see the complexities it involves and the dedication it requires to live up to the term. 


With family, Medardo Azocar demonstrated it by standing side by side and a true companion for his wife (Vicenta) and role model for his children (Marco, Sandra, Maria), life's journey would show him demonstrate that leadership to in-laws and grandchildren and great grandchildren but also saw him extend that sense of belonging, that need of having "family" to many children of fellow political exiles who found themselves in a new country all alone, missing the opportunities to have their own immediate family around them - he became the beloved uncle to us all - el Tio Lito.  


Tio Lito's resilience to withstand his detention by the military junta in Chile and his relentless efforts to denounce the dictatorship when exiled in Canada demonstrated the lengths people will fight for social justice in this world.

His comradarie had no bounds, his support could be counted on and his presence would be felt at every single event for the Chilean community in Edmonton.  Whether it was through sport (futbol) or culture (Heritage days, "18", programa Nosotros) or countless political activities representing el Partido Socialista he was determined to give everything he had.


Medardo Azocar showed us all the true definition of the word Compañero,

his exemplary leadership to future generations made a profound impact and statement for us to follow and the obligation to continue. 


With love and gratitude the Chilean Canadian Cultural Society salutes a pillar of the Chilean Community.


Compañero Medardo Azocar - Presente! Ahora y Siempre!


Medardo Azocar (Tio Lito) :  December 20, 1941 - February 19, 2015 

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